KRL-08S +6 Macro Pro Series Diopter

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The Kraken KRL-08S is our sharpest water contact diopter yet. It allows for edge to edge razor sharp detail and is compatible with just about every macro lens out there and on any format. It features standard 67mm threads on both the front and back and weep holes on both sides so that it is not required to ‘burp’ the lens upon entering the water.

Additional information

Lens Construction

4 elements, 3 groups

Compatible Camera (Up To) Sensor Size

36mmx24mm (135mm Full Frame)

Camera Lens


Diopter(Underwater Focal Length)

+6 (166.67mm)

Working Distance

80-160mm (From 1st Lens Surface)

Max Magnification

x1.5 (Area Ratio x2.25) w/105mm F2.8 Macro Lens


Optical Glass / Multi Layer BBAR Coating

Mounting Thread

M67 x P.075



Weight (air)


Weight (water)


Depth Rating


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Last modified on February 14, 2023