We manufacture high quality scuba diving equipment .  When only the best will do, look for the Kraken. 

Latest news

September 2019 - We've just released our Olympus TG6 housing! Really cool feature of vacuum pump, and port built in! See product page for full information! 

February 2019 - Smart housing users that are using Android, we have another option for you for apps to use! One of our users (thanks Edouard!) has adapted the Open Camera app to work with our housing! There is some neat features here including shooting in raw! You can find it in the Playstore by searching "OpenCamera" or click this link  

July 2018 - It's been awhile since we've had an update! Some fun news for everyone! Our Hydra 2500, 3800, and 5000 lights all now have a strobe mode built in. Link them up to your camera via fiber optic cable and they'll burst at a higher level of light similar to a strobe! (4000, 4500, 7000 lumens respectively) We also now offer a +13 macro diopter, the Lucky 13 which has been getting some incredible results from our pro staff. View the product page to see some test shots.