Accessories for the Smart Housing 

KRL-02 - M52 Wide angle wet lens.

This lens will provide ~168 degree field of view underwater to get you that perfect wide angle shot. Polycarbonate dome, glass elements, and anodized aluminum body made this an excellent lens for our Smart Housing, or any compact digital camera. MSRP $449

Dual Handle Aluminum Tray

This dual handle tray will give you all the stability you need for your Smart Housing! Both handles are adjustable to make the system a perfect fit regardless of hand size! With that adjustablity means you can also use this tray for many other cameras other than just our Smart housing! 2 x tripod screws included to make sure your housing doesn't move around on the tray. MSRP $145

Lens Adapter for Smart Housing

The lens adapter gives you a 52mm, and 67mm threaded port on the front of your Smart Housing. This will let you attach wet lenses like our KRL-02, or upcoming macro lens. But it will also accept any other wet lens that you might have as long as you adapt to the 52\67mm threads.  MSRP $49.99