Michael Dornellas 

Michael Dornellas is a professional free diver, certified PADI Rescue Diver, and all around underwater athlete. He was born in Cocoa Beach Florida and lives in Jupiter Florida. Michael was raised in the ocean coming from a long line of water men and free divers. In the past few years his career has taken off due to his unique style of film while free diving and ability to capture very close animal interactions. Michael started as a professional guide for clients who wanted a private and natural experience in the wild with sharks, gators, and other marine life. Guiding high profile clients, National Geographic Photographers, and professional Cinematographers, Michael quickly made a name as one of the best go to experts for close encounters with nature‚Äôs apex and keystone predators. Michael specializes in close interactions understanding the animals he works with allowing him to capture one of a kind shots. This combination of skills has landed him multiple jobs these past couple years including filming and guiding for Discovery Channel, Daily Planet, Natgeo Wild, History Channel, CNN, NBC, HLN, Red Bull, Toyota, Thrillist, and many more challenging jobs where he not only captured the footage needed but exceeded all expectations of the crew. Michael is not only a talent with a camera but a person that knows the ins and outs of the animals and environment he works with. He has a unique passion for being in the ocean and an absolute love for the creatures he works with.