Brent Durand is a digital media content producer and publisher. His work covers adventure from the snow to the oceans and the marine life we find there. His photography has been published in print worldwide, in advertising and across the web in a variety of outdoor industries. He has a growing reputation for insightful yet simple camera gear reviews and speaks regularly on photography technique, dive travel and trends in the professional photo industry. Brent has led underwater photo workshops in the Bahamas, California, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, and has a popular monthly newsletter full of photo tips and tricks.

Brent uses Kraken Hydra 5000 lights for video on his camera rig, as well as photo and video on the Kraken Smart Phone housing (if you aren’t following his live dive stories shot with this housing on Instagram, you should be!).  You can see more of his work on his social media accounts, and personal website below.