Brandi has been obsessed with the ocean since she was young. Learning how to dive when she was 15, she studied marine biology in college and became a Divemaster and an instructor soon after. Watching the pros take epic photos while working in the dive industry, it wasn't long before she upgraded her point and shoot to a dSLR and now more than 50% of her possessions consist of photography and dive gear (including some epic Kraken lights!) She wants to take people diving and show them why she's so enamored by being underwater, be it by actually leading them into the abyss or telling the ocean's stories though photos, video, and text. Her favorite type of diving is whatever she is doing at the moment, be it WWII wreck diving, muck diving for weird macro critters, or swimming with whales. Brandi is a regular contributor to Dive Photo Guide and X-Ray Magazine and her work has been in seen in many other online and print publications. She also has a book, The Airplane Graveyard. She teaches at underwater photography workshops and leads dive trips in her spare time. You can see Brandi's work on her website at, on Instagram as @brandi_underwater, or on Facebook as Brandi Underwater.