Bill Carroll teaches people how to “walk” on the other 71% of our planet. Everyone has a story about why they are drawn to venture into the Ocean, and I’m lucky enough to get to go along for the ride as students make their big leap. I get excited to see the adventures these new divers go on as they begin their journey of exploration. I can’t wait to see their pictures and hear their stories as they make their way into the underwater world. Bill got his introduction to the underwater world as an EOD Diver in the Navy, leaving Bill with a taste for mixed gas, rebreathers, and tech diving. Shortly after his time in the Navy, Bill became a scuba instructor and fell in love with the privilege of helping people learn how to “walk” on the other 71% of our planet. Bill is also the proud father of a wonderful 9 year old daughter, Isobella, and can’t wait to teach her how to dive. Kraken lights go with me on every dive, and I hand them off to my students so they can really engage with the sea and underwater life. Kraken helps me see and tell the story of exploration. I’m really proud to be an ambassador for Kraken Sports and their products. Join Bill on his journey as he helps others explore the underwater world. Bill Carroll, PADI Scuba Instructor.